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1. Contest Everything Defensively

Closeouts are Key | Contest Everything at the Rim  

2. Sprint The Floor Relentlessly

Offense or Defense: Transition Effort | Beat Opponent Down The Floor

3. Having a "Next Play" Mentality

Good or Bad, Previous Play is Over | Don't Get Caught in Moment



1. Score Early in Transition or Late in Halfcourt

Shots between 8-17 seconds on shotclock lose games

2. Put Players in Positions to Make Plays

Plays + Sets to put players in areas they can use their skillset

3. Reads + Off-Ball Movement > Sets/Continuity

Create a variety of looks for opponents to prepare for



1. High Hands + Closeout on All Catches

No easy shots, drives, or pass on ball reversals

2. Limit Rotations

1 on 1 Defense is Key | Stunt in gaps until primary recovers

3. Keep Everything in Front

Load the box with Packline principles

4. Take Charges

Most deflating play in basketball for offenses

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