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Skill Development Session Basics

+50-55 Minutes in Length

+Group Session (3-4 Athletes per Session)

+1 on 1 Session 

*Other Group Sizes & Lengths Available on Request

+Athletes are Grouped with by Skill Level & Age

+Reccomended Consultation Call/Text prior to 1st Session

Team Sessions

AAU | High School | Middle School | Elementary

Call 419.551.8176 for more info

Skill Development Philosophy

All training sessions include segments for ballhandling, form shooting, shot preparation, penetrate & kick reads, and various layup finishes. The remainder of the workout is dedicated to 2-3 other position-specific skills.

Functionality and Game Applications

are the focus of every drill and teaching point. 

Most Common Teaching Points

+Shot Preparation (Hop/1-2/Inside Pivot)

+Off-Ball Movement  +Finishing vs. Contact

+Using Shoulders & Leverage to Create Contact 

+Pick & Roll Reads for Guards & Bigs  +Efficient Dribble Use

+Non-Traditional Layup Finishes  +Floaters & Runners

+3-Level Rip/Sweep Moves  +Off-Ball Screen Reads


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