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+Shot Preparation

+Off-Ball Movement

+Developing Shooting Touch & Range

+Embracing Contact

+Offense Creating & Using Contact

+Efficient Scoring Moves

+Hip Mobility

Workout Foundations

+Ball Handling

Stationary, Methodical, Scoring, Partner, 2-Ball | Weak-Hand Development

+Pivot Series

Utilizing Weak-Foot Pivots | Creating Space 

+Form Shooting

Full Extension Follow-Through | Athletic Base | Consistent Release Point

+Touch Finishes

Shooting with Varying Arcs | Using Backboard | 2-Feet Finishes

Turning Over Both Shoulders | Weak-Hand Shooting | Runners & Floaters

+Shot Preparation

Feet Set Quickly | "Hop" Footwork | "1-2 Left/Right" Footwork | "1-2 Right/Left" Footwork  

"Hop" Footwork | "Short & Long" Footwork | "Do Your Work Early" mantra

+Drive & Kick - Off-Ball Movement

Constant Reactions | Reading Help-Defenders | Spacing 

Slides & Sprints vs. Aggressive Cuts | Passing Angles | 1-Hand Passes | Lift & Drift Passes

+1-on-1 Defensive Techniques

Hand Discipline | Maximizing Length | Multiple-Effort Plays | Contests

Hip Mobility

Understanding Importance of "Dropping Hips | Basic Yoga Poses 

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